Does the word jewelry have anything to do with word Jew or Jewish people ????

on Sunday, March 27, 2016 7:26:00 PM

No, it doesn't seem to. We've checked all over & can't really find a link. However the Jewish peoples have been involved in the diamond & gold business historically. Whenever I'd ask my father Sam Spiegel (some of his relatives had a surname of Gold) but he would start making up stories, but no solid real answer. YES, there are several Jewish surnames with such an etymological relation, due to their historic involvement in the jewelry business. The singer Neil Diamond for instance, has a surname derived from a a distant relative probably being in the diamond trade. The surname "Shafire" derives from the yiddish word for sapphire. Among jewish surnames you can find both Ruby and Green, as well as the jewelry-associated Goldberg and Silversten.

Surnames linked to ones trade is not a peculiar Jewish tradition, but part of a greater European naming convention. Surnames such as Wright, Raaymakers, Smith, Schroeder and many others all refer to different professions.

If you come up with any more info in the subject, please let us know, I'm always curious!!!


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