How should I clean my jewelry & engagement ring?

on Sunday, March 20, 2016 1:23:00 PM

Silver, Platinum & Gold are all very different metals. Silver is best cleaned with an actual silver cleaner liquid that can remove the tarnish, it won't brighten the metal, but will remove the blackish oxidation that silver gets after a while. You can easily clean your gold & platinum jewelry with any jewelry cleaner (most are just like window cleaners) any cleaning will help, however, there's only one AMAZING cleaning solution for diamond jewelry & that's The Jewelry Factory's Brilliant cleaner (more info here) it's a spray/foam liquid that in one minute, dissolves the dirt & grime from gemstones & diamonds & brightens up the metals. Gold is both versatile and very easy to keep looking beautiful for years to come. FYI, Gold's worst enemy, however, is chlorine. You'll notice that swimming in chlorinated water will brighten up your gold, but avoid chlorinated cleaning products.

Of course if you want your jewelry to have the new polished look, then bring into your jeweler for a reconditioning!!!

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